SPARTAN: The Ultimate Guide To Male Mastery

SPARTAN: The Ultimate Guide To Male Mastery

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There is a reason that you are here, remember that as you read through these techniques, practices, supplements, and tips to help you increase your knowledge of self, sexual stamina, and most importantly, your staying power. I am not a physician, I am not a sexual guru who is above anyone. What I am is a teacher, and a man who holds knowledge in areas that can help you change parts of your life that will help you boost your confidence and become the best version of you.

I wrote this Book with you in mind. The man who is willing to admit that he has never been taught techniques to understand how to have full body orgasms and have enough willpower to please a woman before he ejaculates uncontrollably. The majority of men either started ejaculating by watching porn or just by jumping in with the first willing participant. The only problem with these 2 start points is that you most likely look at sex as a selfish act where you care about how good your own orgasm is. If you ask any woman her biggest turn off in bed, I guarantee that “selfish partner” is one of her top 3.

The majority of women would love for a sexual experience to last at least 25 minutes while the average sexual experience lasts 19 minutes with the majority of the time being foreplay. After reading and apply these techniques you’ll be able to last longer than her in the bedroom and she’ll be begging you for more.
I thank you for taking the time to read this and invest a few dollars to learn what it takes to become a master of STAYING POWER!

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