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Rack Runners, a fitness-driven, urban-style clothing line, by Kyle Harvey, 35, a Sergeant in the U.S. Army, was created in 2017. Rack Runners sells a variety of merchandise including t-shirts, joggers, hoodies, eBooks, and fitness accessories. Since launching, Rack Runners has amassed 10k followers on Facebook and Instagram, also being hand-selected by Facebook to be one of 1,300 members of the Boost Facebook Leaders Network.

Harvey, an Ohio native & Washington, DC area resident, fully opened the Rack Runners online shop after 3 years of finding a niche and working diligently towards quality, research, and development. “Nobody, to my knowledge, has ever combined, streetwear, hip-hop culture, the love of food, and fitness together. This is what I feel makes my brand unique. There are not just checks or stripes on a shirt. Plenty of time, thought, and creativity went into building this vision. I spent many hours drawing designs from my phone, so it motivates me when I see people wearing my clothes,” Harvey says. Each item has a design that is either motivational, hip-hop-inspired, streetwear-inspired, or foodie-inspired to show a contrast of appreciation for fitness, food, and hip-hop culture Rack Runners offers a variety of designs, available in men and women’s sizes.


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